God ordained opportunities

After reading In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day (Mark Batterson), I have learned to let God lead my life. And now that I’m reading A Praying Life (Paul E. Miller), I see how He is weaving my story.

I had been a flight instructor for the better part of 6 years before being laid off from that position. Fair? Nope. Certainly not. Especially since the instructors that still work there either don’t want to instruct or were my student to begin with.

I, for one, have loved instructing and want teaching to be my career. Most Flight Instructors are only there to build time to move on to the airlines. Well, airline flying is not my style.

So how fair is it that the instructor who wants to instruct is the one that gets laid off? It just so happens that God has allowed that to happen because he’s setting me up for something new. A change needed to be made and I wasn’t, at the time, willing to make it. So, it was made for me.

Why haven’t I gotten a full time job since then? Because the Lord needed me to grow spiritually first.

Recently, I have had a change of heart about the Catholic church. I have been attending a house church for the past two months. It’s a non-denominational Christian gathering where we read DIRECTLY from the Bible. I have learned quite a bit. Especially with reference to which Bible to read from. Gone are the days that I will heed the doctrines of the Catholic church. Instead, I will be learning my lessons from the King James Version.

So, how is God weaving a story for me? As it turns out, I was sending resumes out of desperation. Since I have been interested in moving to North Carolina for about a decade, I decided to hit the send button on multiple occasions to flight schools in NC. One school in particular is in need of a flight instructor, and I am taking the leap of faith and accepting the position.

I am certainly not comfortable doing this, but then, I will never grow as a person. “If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you will continue to be who you’ve always been (unknown: if you know, please tell me).” True story.

So while I write this, my tummy is turning. Butterflies (I mean Flutterbies) are backflipping in my belly. The faith of God is writing story. Where it leads me, I do not know. But hopefully, it’s into His arms.


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